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orange fabric padded armchair with black metal base near round clear glass-top table and gray sofa
orange fabric padded armchair with black metal base near round clear glass-top table and gray sofa

About Us

We are a boutique firm specializing in bespoke research administration solutions. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of your unique research needs, we offer a personalized approach to streamline your administrative processes. Our dedicated team of experts provides customized strategies, seamless coordination, and unparalleled support to elevate your research endeavors. Experience the boutique difference with ResearchAdminCo, where we combine our expertise, precision, and unwavering commitment to empower your research success.

Our principles

We prioritize efficiency in our research administration services, streamlining processes and reducing unnecessary complexities.




We ensure strict compliance with research regulations and guidelines, providing a secure and trustworthy environment for our clients.

We embrace innovation in research management, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to drive progress and achieve breakthroughs.

a woman sitting at a table using a laptop computer
a woman sitting at a table using a laptop computer

Our Services

personalized and tailored approach to research administration

Discover our comprehensive range of research administration services designed to simplify the complexities of research management. From grant proposal development to financial management and compliance, we provide strategic solutions to empower researchers and organizations.

Professional Development Opportunities: Provide robust training and professional development programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of research administrators. This can include workshops, conferences, webinars, and certifications specific to research administration. Investing in their growth and development will make the field more appealing and rewarding.

Competitive Compensation: Offer competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent in research administration. Recognize the value and importance of their roles within the research ecosystem by providing appropriate financial incentives.

Clear Career Pathways: Establish clear career progression pathways within the research administration field. Create opportunities for advancement, such as promotion to higher-level positions or the ability to specialize in specific areas of research administration. This allows individuals to see a long-term future within the field and encourages their commitment.

Collaborative Work Environment: Foster a collaborative and supportive work environment that values teamwork and communication. Encourage collaboration among research administrators, researchers, and other stakeholders. This can be achieved through regular team meetings, knowledge-sharing platforms, and fostering a culture of open dialogue.

Technological Advancements: Embrace and invest in technological advancements that streamline administrative processes and reduce administrative burdens. Implementing efficient research administration software, data management systems, and automation tools can alleviate administrative tasks, allowing research administrators to focus on more strategic and rewarding aspects of their work.

Recognition and Appreciation: Recognize the contributions of research administrators and celebrate their achievements. Establish recognition programs, such as awards or public acknowledgment, to highlight their valuable contributions to the research community. Regularly express appreciation for their efforts and the impact they make in supporting research endeavors.

Engage with Research Community: Encourage research administrators to actively engage with the broader research community. This can involve participating in conferences, workshops, and networking events related to research administration. Connecting with peers and staying informed about the latest trends and best practices can make the field more exciting and dynamic.

Advocacy and Visibility: Advocate for the importance of research administration within the research community and promote its value. Highlight the critical role that research administrators play in ensuring compliance, managing budgets, facilitating collaborations, and supporting successful research outcomes. Increasing the visibility and recognition of research administration can attract more individuals to the field.

Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs that pair experienced research administrators with those new to the field. Mentorship provides guidance, support, and opportunities for skill development, making the field more appealing to newcomers. It also fosters a sense of community and facilitates knowledge transfer.

Work-Life Balance: Prioritize work-life balance and offer flexible work arrangements when feasible. Research administration can involve demanding schedules and deadlines, so providing flexibility and recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance can improve job satisfaction and attract individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle.

four people all on laptops, two men and two women, listen to person talking in a board meeting
four people all on laptops, two men and two women, listen to person talking in a board meeting

Why Choose Us

At ResearchAdminCo, we are committed to excellence and helping our clients achieve impactful research outcomes. With our expertise, dedication, and focus on success, we navigate the path to research excellence together. Choose us as your trusted partner in research administration.

Research administration expertise can benefit a wide range of companies and organizations involved in research and innovation. Here are some examples of our clients:

  1. Academic Institutions: Universities, colleges, and research institutes often have dedicated research administration departments or offices to manage grant applications, budgets, compliance, and project coordination.

  2. Government Agencies: Government agencies that fund research and development projects, such as national research councils or science and technology departments, can benefit from research administration expertise in managing grant programs, reviewing proposals, and ensuring compliance.

  3. Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits engaged in scientific research, healthcare, or social sciences can benefit from research administration expertise to manage grants, budgets, reporting, and compliance requirements.

  4. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies: Companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors conducting research and development activities often require research administration support to manage grants, compliance with regulations, and coordination of research projects.

  5. Healthcare Institutions: Hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare organizations involved in research and clinical trials can benefit from research administration expertise in managing grants, budgeting, regulatory compliance, and coordination of research activities.

  6. Engineering and Technology Companies: Companies involved in engineering, technology, and innovation sectors can benefit from research administration expertise in managing research projects, securing funding, and navigating intellectual property considerations.

  7. Consulting Firms: Consulting firms specializing in research and innovation may require research administration expertise to support their clients in securing grants, managing projects, and ensuring compliance.

  8. Scientific and Research Organizations: Scientific and research organizations focused on specific fields, such as environmental research, space exploration, or energy, can benefit from research administration expertise to manage grants, budgets, and project coordination.

  9. Philanthropic Foundations: Foundations supporting research initiatives and funding grants can benefit from research administration expertise in managing the grant application process, evaluating proposals, and monitoring funded projects.

  10. Startups and Entrepreneurial Ventures: Startups and entrepreneurial ventures engaged in research and development activities can benefit from research administration expertise to navigate grant opportunities, manage budgets, and ensure compliance.

These are just a few examples, and research administration expertise can be valuable to a wide range of companies and organizations involved in research, innovation, and grant-funded projects.

Request a consultation today to learn more about ResearchAdminCo and how we can simplify the complexities of research management for you.

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